Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the events held?

The Sale Little Athletics Centre compete at Lions Park, McLachlan Street, Sale during the Track & Field season.


Our Cross Country programme  is held at varying locations around Sale and Boisldale. This season we are hoping to branch out to Stratford and Heyfield as well,

When can I join Little Athletics?

The Little Athletic year begins in October and runs through to the following September. The main registration days are usually in early to mid September. However, you can register at any time during the athletic year providing you are between the age of 5 and 15. Click HERE for Registration details.

How do I know which age group I will compete in?

Age groups are determined by the year and month of birth as shown HERE.


Age Group is determined from childs age as at the 1st October.


It is important that athletes are placed in the correct age group.


Birth certificate must be sighted  for all new athletes.


What do the kids do?

Each competition day, usually Saturday mornings, the children participate in a selection of different events that rotate on a 4 week program. During the Cross Country season the athletes run a single race of a distance contingent with their age.


  • Sprints (70m, 100m, 200m)

  • Middle distance depending on age group (400m, 800m)

  • Long Distance again dependant on age group (1500m) running.

  • Hurdles depending on age (60m, 80m, 90m, 100m and 300m)

  • Long Jump/Triple Jump/High Jump

  • Shot Put/Discus /Javelin

  • Relays

  • Cross Country

What time does the program run, and how long for?

Our Sumer Track & Field program would usually begin 8:45a.m. for warm up and finishes around 13:00pm.


If your child is an Under 6 athletes, their day may finish earlier between October and December as they will be only competing in the On Track Program during this time.


U11-U16 will need to be at the track by 0800 for all programmes that include Javelin for their age group.


Our winter Cross Country program commences at 9.00am at e relevant location and is usually complete by 10:00am.

What is expected from parents / guardians?

Parental participation is essential for Sale Little Athletics Centre to run successfully.  No program of Little Athletics competition can be held without the help of parents to act as officials.  Each week a minimum of 50 parents are needed to run the Track and Field program.

During the Cross Country season parents assist when Sale hosts an event.  Assistance is also required for Region and State Track and Field and Cross Country events.A requirement of registration at Sale Little Athletics Centre is that parents/guardians agree to participate in a roster system to help out with one of the positions required to run the program each Saturday morning during the Track and Field season.  A roster must be filled in at the time of registration or the registration will not be accepted.  You do not have to have been an athlete yourself to be an official and most tasks do not require special knowledge.  Anyone can help in some way.

Examples include:

  • Holding a tape

  • Writing up place tickets

  • Writing results on a record sheet or entering them into a computer

  • Cooking sausages

  • Setting up equipment

Each family is rostered for duty approximately every three weeks.  A parent or family member from that family is expected to attend on those days.  A roster sheet is issued to you so you know of the dates in advance and can note them in your diary.

Training sessions are conducted by the committee during the season for parents to learn different aspects of being an Official and an opportunity to learn specialised roles such as becoming a Starter.


Click HERE to view the Parents Handbook .

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